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The design and creation of stunning wedding gowns is a career that fosters passion and a sense of pride. For years, Allure Bridals has worked to give our China-based design team the space and opportunity to not only master their craft, but to find joy and expression in the incredible designs they create. Allure gowns are made by mothers, caretakers, creatives, artists, men and women.


Our gowns are made in a clean, positive work environment using only ethically-sourced materials, by people who are passionate about the celebration of beauty and love. Each dress takes an average of 12 to 16 weeks from conception to completion, because every element is hand-sewn and carefully crafted. Allure gowns are individual masterpieces, created by expert dressmakers.

We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our team members, by balancing a fulfilling career with a culture that prioritizes family and wellness. That’s why we began our work-from-home initiative. Allure has created a system that enables team members to be present as parents, spouses and caretakers, while also contributing to their families financially. Because of this culture, many of our employees build lifelong careers.

At Allure, we know a gown’s value is in the details. We also know a company’s value is in its employees. Allure is committed to creating an environment where our team’s needs, talent, and passion can thrive, so that we can create that perfect dress for your big day.