So you're a bridesmaid... now what?

When someone asks you to be a part of their wedding, it is obviously a great honor but it is also a large responsibility. Being a bridesmaid is very exciting, rewarding and sometimes really, really stressful. Regardless of how many or how few weddings you have been a part of, it is still important to know what your responsibilities entail as a bridesmaid. Each bride will expect different things but here is a helpful list of what she may expect from you:

Offer to help with any pre-wedding tasks. Run errands with her, stuff invitations with her, shop for her honeymoon wardrobe. Help in any way you see fit.

Host a bridal shower or bachelorette party with other bridesmaids. Make sure to keep a list of the gifts received and who brought them.

Go shopping for the bridesmaids dresses with her. Our Allure Bridesmaids collection is full of classic, elegant, and timeless designs perfectly suited for your friend’s wonderful day. Choose from an extensive selection of over 45 vibrant colors in both satin and chiffon. Be sure to kindly offer your opinion, but remember it is her day and the dress you will wear is her decision.

Attend as many pre-wedding events as you can. Whether it is a bridal shower, luncheon, the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, your attendance is appreciated by the bride.

Run any last minute errands that may come up leading to the wedding. This will help alleviate any unwarranted stress of the bride. Also, find out if help is needed the day of the wedding. Offer to help with the setup of the ceremony or reception.

Make sure your ensemble is taken care of. Have your dress altered, buy your shoes, and set any beauty appointments you may need for the day of the wedding. It is important that you look great on your friend’s big day. Out of courtesy, you should ask the bride if she prefers for your hair to be up or down, and what style of jewelry, if any, she would like for you to wear on the day of.

Be a good party guest.  Hit the dance floor and have fun! You want your bride to know that you are having a great time at her event.  Encourage wedding guests to cut a rug with you! Make sure your bride is having a great time as well.  See if she needs anything during the event and make sure her glass is always full! Depending on her dress, she might need some help bustling her train for the reception and/or changing into a different outfit for the getaway.

Smile and be there for your friend. She asked you to be a part of her wedding for a reason, so remind her why. Keep your complaining to a minimum even if the dress is unflattering or your hair looks ridiculous.

Posted by Brittany Massey at 1:48 PM
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