Jerica + Jacob's Wedding

Blush and ivory will forever be one of our favorite bridal color combinations. Trends may come and go, but there's something so enduringly elegant about this palette, especially when softened by touches of grey and green. Jerica + Jacob's wedding is a prime example of this collection of traditional bridal hues, and the softness captures the romance of the day. The couple is described by photographer Mychelle LeVan as 'one dynamic duo,' with a gentle, adventurous nature. We also love the way Jerica, our bride, describes the wedding day itself.

The day we had both been waiting for was finally here. The nerves were real. Each hour that went by while getting ready was bringing more and more jitters. We were both nervous on if everything would go smoothly and without a hitch. Would the caterer get here on time to set up the food? Would the flowers look good on the tables? All of these thoughts were racing through our heads and we couldn’t see each other to talk about our concerns….and then the moment came. The moment where we were face to face on our first look of our wedding day. The nerves were gone, and pure happiness was now in its place. It is amazing how fast all the concerns can disappear when you lay eyes on the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

And finally, don't forget to see all the angles of Jerica's stunning (if we do say so ourselves) gown on our website! Allure style 9501 is one of the most gorgeous, delicately detailed bridal gowns we've designed yet. Enjoy the lovely gallery below, and happy Wedding Wednesday!

Posted by Claire Cunningham at 9:43 AM
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