Angela + Mason's Wedding

This Wedding Wednesday we're letting Angela + Mason's photographer, Jessica Mangia, tell the story. What better way to envision such a gorgeous affair?


"When I met Angela, I immediately know she was a girl with taste for beauty and as I predicted her wedding was nothing but classy, romantic and timeless. From the choice of the beautiful dress, to the flower details, going through the stunning venue decors everything has been curated meticulously. Angela and Mason wanted a first look, and I can not tell you a beautiful and sweet that moment was: gorgeous Angela walked towards Mason, and when he turned around he was so thrilled that grabbed her hands and immediately started dancing with her. The ceremony was intimate and Mason's dad, the officiant, was one-of-a-kind incredibly sweet host of the celebration. The bridal party was incredible, everyone was excited and very collaborative, definitely a super amazing group of friends for the bride and the groom!


"After the ceremony I stole Angela and Mason from their guests, for some photos and enjoy some private time alone, to taste the sweet flavor of the wedding bliss and the two of them were so sweet that your heart can melt too just by looking at their photos."


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Posted by Carley Whitehead at 11:00 AM
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