Allure Men // Find Your Perfect Match // Scarlet

Who hasn't wished at least once for a man in a tuxedo to show up at their doorstep with two dozen red roses and a perfectly tied bowtie? All hands raised over here, and we thought we'd show you how we like to accent the classic black tuxedo with a little scarlet flair (to match the roses, of course.)

Allure Men formalwear has amazing color choices for tuxedo accessories —  for the perfect match.  

Posted by Brittany Massey at 12:00 PM
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6/14/2014 at 02:43 AM by IndianWeddingStudio

No better site in the world than a man in a nice neat tuxedo. I'm sure no woman will ever be able to resist him. The collection is beautiful and the red with the black is a brilliant combination.

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